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Sweet Pies

Fruit pies - 6 inch

made by Hamiltons Fine Foods

Yummy 6" fruit pies made by Hamiltons in Newport. Shortcrust pastry base with a rough puff pastry lid, glazed with sugar. Lovely hot or cold, and great with Coppid Hall double cream. Slice it and share with your family. Hamiltons vs Market Bak...

AppleHAM1700 2.26
Black Cherry HAM1701 2.26
Red cherry HAM1702 2.26
Raspberry & AppleHAM1703 2.26

Fruit pies - small

made by Hamiltons Fine Foods

Just the same as their larger sisters, but at 3" across, you don't have to share them! So better, really! Traditional shortcrust base and rough puff topped fruit pies, and puff pastry fruit slices, just for one. Made by Hamiltons Fine Foods in ...

Apple pieHAM1700b 0.76
Blackcherry PieHAM1702b 0.76
Raspberry & Apple pieHAM1703b 0.76
Red cherry HAM1706 0.76