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New hot lunch menu at Dairy Deli

Enjoy homemade hot lunches, a cup of Bristot Ground Coffee or tea from our Tea Pig range. Not to be missed at The Dairy Deli

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Brandy butter

made by Calbourne Classics

The traditional partner for Christmas pudding (or just spread on hot crumpets...) made with love and dedication (and the best possible ingredients), unrefined sugar and brandy.

226gKIT3000 3.99

Munns Free Range Goose Fat


Pure goose fat, perfect for making the best roasties in the world! Use goose fat instead of cooking oil and cook at a high temperature and your roast potatoes will be crispy and very tasty!

Oak Smoked Garlic Butter

Oak Smoked Garlic Butter

From the Garlic Farm

From the Garlic Farm, butter blended with oak smoked garlic to create butter with taste! Melt onto baked potato or sweetcorn, or make your own garlic bread. 125g tub

125gGAR1027 3.60

Salted Butter


Local butter. At certain time of the year when the buttermilk yield is low, the dairy can't make enough butter. When this happens we will substitute Rew Valley butter with a similar quality English butter made with English milk.

eachREW3000 1.65