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New hot lunch menu at Dairy Deli

Enjoy homemade hot lunches, a cup of Bristot Ground Coffee or tea from our Tea Pig range. Not to be missed at The Dairy Deli

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Soft Drinks

Sharon Orchard Apple Juices

250ml/750ml bottle

Beautiful tasty apple juice, single varieties and blends. Made from apples grown and pressed in Ryde by Sharon Orchard. Taste the real thing! We also have 3 and 5 litre boxes of apple juice - please ask.

Cox and Bramley 250ml JuiceSHA1001b 1.75
Apple and Mango 250ml JuiceSHA1001c 1.75
Apple and Blackcurrant 250ml JuiceSHA1001d 1.75
Cox and Bramley 750mlSHA1001 3.50
Apple and Blackcurrant 750mlSHA1004a 3.50
Apple and Blackcurrant 750mlSHA1004v 3.50

Folkingtons Juices

Pure Squeezed Orange Juice 250mlFOL02 1.65
Pure Pressed Apple Juice 250mlFOL01 1.65
Old Fashioned Pink Lemonade 250mlFOL03 1.65
Pressed Cloudy Pear Juice 250mlFOL04 1.65
Old Fashioned Elderflower Drink 250mlFOL05 1.65
Pressed Mango Juice 250mlFOL07 1.65
Tomato Juice from the Tomato Stall

Tomato Juice from the Tomato Stall

Pure tomato juice made with the juiciest cherry tomatoes grown in Arreton. 100% pure and natural with no additives and preservatives. Made by The Tomato Stall in Arreton.

Red Tomato Juice 330mlTOM1106 1.95
Sunshine Yellow Juice 330mlTOM1111 1.95
Red Tomato Juice 750mlTOM1100b 2.99
Sunshine Yellow Tomato Juice 750mlTOM1100d 2.99

Wight Crystal Drinks

Wight Crystal is part of the Osel charity which provides support and training to local people who are disabled or disadvantaged.

Traditional Lemonade 500mlCRY2000 1.20
Cream Soda 500mlCRY2001 1.20
Apple and Elderflower Presse 500mlCRY2002 1.20
Ginger Beer 500mlCRY2003 1.20
Lemon and Lime Water 500mlCRY2005 1.20
Sparkling Water 500mlCRY2006 1.20
Still Water 500mlCRY2007 1.20
Still Water Sportscap 500mlCRY2008 1.20
Still Water 1.5lCRY2009 2.40