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The Dairy Deli, Farm Shop and Cafe

The Dairy Deli farm Shop is now located back at Three Gates Farm.

Opening Times:

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4pm

Weekends and Bank Holiday 10 - 4pm

Hot drinks and delicious snacks available plus a full range of Calbourne Classics Products

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Condiments & Dressings

Accompaniments for your meal

Accompaniments for your meal

from Atkins & Potts 195g

Atkins & Potts in Newbury handmake the perfect partners for your meal. Made with natural ingredients and free-range eggs, there are no hidden nasties! Hollandaise is perfect with asparagus or eggs Benedict, Seafood sauce makes a great seaf...

Hollondaise ATK1203 2.95
Mayonnaise ATK1204 2.95
Tartare sauce ATK1205 2.95
Seafood sauce ATK1206 2.95
Horseradish sauceATK1207 2.95
Bernaise sauceATK1208 2.95
Wasabi Mayonaise ATK1209 2.95
Mango & Chilli sauce dressing 250gATK1211 2.95
Kaffer Lime & Chilli sauce dressing 250gATK1212 2.95
Bramley Apple sauceATK1210 2.99

Glebe Farm Homemade Jelly

Homemade Jams and Chutneys from Glebe Farm Jam Shop. These make a fantastic present to take home from the Island. Local produce used when possible.

CranberryGF101 2.99
Apple & MintGF102 2.99
Red CurrentGF103 2.99
Apple & SloeGF104 2.99
Pink's Organics

Pink's Organics


Pink's ethos to supply food that was pure and untainted is the inspiration for our company. Our ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible and our recipes are made by hand in small batches, using open pans to ensure their quality.

Red Chilli Jelly with garlic and gingerPO01 4.20
Red Chilli Jelly with garlic and ginger
Green Chilli with lime & lemongrassPO02 4.20
Green Chilli with lime & lemongrass
Smoked sweet pepper & tomato pestoPO03 4.95
Watercress & Wasabi PestoPO04 4.95
Lemon & Rocket PestoPO05 4.95
Beetroot & Horseradish PestoPO06 4.95
Smoked Tomato PestoPO07 4.95
The Garlic Farm garlicky condiments

The Garlic Farm garlicky condiments


Tastily garicky condiments to make Sunday lunch sizzle! All made with the best ingredients in Newchurch by The Garlic Farm.

garlic horseradish mustardGAR1026 3.20
toasted garlic mayonnaiseGAR1028 3.20
mint sauce with a garlic hintGAR1025 3.20
garlic mayonnaiseGAR1024 3.20
sweet n sour chilli sauceGAR1033 3.20
garlic & chilli dijon mustardGAR1023 3.20
Tomato Ketchup with garlic and paprika 270g GAR2001 3.50
Sweet Chilli sauce 280gGAR2002 3.50
garlic sea salt with dispenser 60gGAR1034 3.90
Sea Salt Garlic & Tuscan Herbs with dispenser 60gGAR1034a 3.90
Olives stuffed with garlic 190gGAR2003 3.99
Tomato Stall

Tomato Stall

Condiments 250ml

The Tomato Stall at Newchurch offer a wide range of delicious artisan products made with only the finest tomatoes and totall additive free.

Tomato Ketchup TS01 2.95
Tomato Ketchup
Tomato Chilli Ketchup TS02 2.95
Tomato Chilli Ketchup
Tomato & Chilli DressingTS03 4.20
Tomato & Chilli Dressing