The Real Island Food Company are passionate about buying and eating Isle of Wight food. Real food, real fresh... direct to you!

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The Dairy Deli, Farm Shop and Cafe

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Gifts and Hampers Gifts and Hampers We have a fabulous range of hampers and food gifts.Our hampers are packed full of delicious isle of wight treats.
Bakery Bakery Freshly baked delicious breads, pastries and buns
Dairy Dairy From farm to fork holds true right here as we bring you farm fresh butter, cream, eggs and cheese, plus icecream and yoghurt made with Island milk. The number of dairy farms is reducing by the year, we hope that by selling on the Island our farmers will benefit from fairer prices, and we all reduce food miles at the same time.
Meat, Fish & Game Meat, Fish & Game Flavoursome, tender meat is the end result when animals have lived a happy and healthy life on the farm, as they do here on the Island. We always buy Island-produced meat.
Pick of the Crop Pick of the Crop Famous for fertile soils and long sunny days the Isle of Wight fields, orchards and market gardens have a wonderful selection of fresh, tasty produce including the highest quality salad leaves, sweetcorn, asparagus, squashes, cauliflowers, soft fruits and much much more. In this section you really can eat the view as we bring you fresh seasonal produce at itís best. If we can't get Island produce, we'll find good quality English veggies!
Jars, Packs and Pots! Jars, Packs and Pots! All the things you need to make a meal memorable, from Island made mustards and jams, to award-winning chutney, or a packet of biscuits to have for tea; this is all about filling your larder and fridge with tasty delicacies and store cupboard favourites that will bring flavour and goodness to every meal.
You and Your Home For you, a selection of natural, Island produced, beauty products and toiletries. For your home, a selection of environmentally friendly products including ventilated compost bins with compostable liners (if they are ventilated they donít smell, unlike the ones supplied by the Council!), a log maker, bin bags and, as we source more things we like, a whole lot more to come.