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Afternoon Tea

Calbourne Classics Country Cakes and Loaves

Calbourne Classics Country Cakes and Loaves

Calbourne Classics country cakes, traditional round 'home-made' cakes, perfect for afternoon tea! Cherry & Almond cake illustrated. Serves 6-8. Made in Shalfleet.

Crunchy Fruit CakeCAL1013 4.69
Apple and Sultana CakeCAL1011 4.69
Cherry and Almond CakeCAL1012 4.69
Ginger CakeCAL1015 4.69
Sticky Date CakeCAL1016 4.69
Sunshine Fruit CakeCAL1017 4.69
Tropical Fruit CakeCAL10112 4.69
Carrot CakeCAL10121 4.69
Banana and Chocolate Loaf CakeCAL10189 4.69
Calbourne Classics Scones

Calbourne Classics Scones

Made in Shalfleet

A Cheese SconeCAL789 0.90
A Plain SconeCAl898 0.90
A Fruit SconeCAL7890 0.90

Smoked salmon from Phillips Fine Foods

Smoked Scottish salmon traditionally smoked by Phillips Fine Foods in Cowes. This is a mild smoke with plenty of flavour. A squeeze of lemon and a grind of pepper - perfect! From Phillips Fine Foods of Cowes.

125g slicesPHIL1004 3.55
250g slicesPHIL1004b 6.99
500g slicesPHIL1004c 12.95
whole side 1.2kg approxPHIL1013 24.00
sliced side 1kg approxPHIL1012 26.00