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The Dairy Deli, Farm Shop and Cafe

The Dairy Deli farm Shop is now located back at Three Gates Farm.

Opening Times:

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4pm

Weekends and Bank Holiday 10 - 4pm

Hot drinks and delicious snacks available plus a full range of Calbourne Classics Products

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Picnics & Packed Lunches

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Want to send the children to school with something filling, or pack a picnic? Here are some ideas for sandwich fillings and lunch box treats.

 Isle of Wight Cheese Co's soft cheese

Isle of Wight Cheese Co's soft cheese

160g approx

Mould-ripened Isle of Wight Soft Cheese from the Isle of Wight Cheese Company. A lovely creamy soft cheese made from Guernsey cows grazing in the Arreton Valley. For mainland mail-order please speak to Jackie or Rachel on 01983 731778 or go to ...

eachIWC1000 4.79
Apples - Cox's

Apples - Cox's

2.20 per kg

The classic English apple, a Cox is small enough to be satisfying and is perfect for lunch boxes. Juicy and sweet - yum! These apples are grown in England, not on the Island. About 6 apples per kilo.

500g approxVEG1100 1.30
1kg approxVEG1100B 2.60

Gammon ham sliced

13.50 per kg

Traditional gammon ham made on the Island by Hamilton's Fine Foods in Newport. This is sold by weight in slices, so pack prices will vary - approximate prices are given. The ham is made from Island pork, or Hampshire pork if Island meat isn't av...

3 slicesHAM1008 2.05
4 slicesHAM1008b 3.45
6 slicesHAM1008c 4.20

Handmade Pork Pies

Made by Calbourne Classics

Handmade traditional pork pies. A favourite in our Farm Shop. These are supplied frozen. Once defrosted they will keep for 5 days.

Small Pork Pie CCPP01 1.99
Serves 1
Large Pork Pie CCPP02 3.99
Serves 2 or more
Handmade Scotch Eggs

Handmade Scotch Eggs

Food with personality, created with passion. Delicious handmade scotch eggs, made with quality ingredients and 100% free range eggs.

Classic HMSEC01 2.75
Classic free-range pork sausage meat free range egg
ColonelHMSEC02 2.75
Colonel free-range saddle back pork with beer mustard and fresh cress
Ploughman's HMSEC03 2.75
Ploughman's free-range pork sausagemeat with mature cheddar cheese and delicious apple & onion chutney
ValentinoHMSEC04 2.75
Valentino free-range saddleback pork stuffed with Wensleydale cheese and bright red cranberries
Scrumpy HMSEC05 2.75
Scrumpy free-range saddleback pork with loads of apple, onion and fresh sage
VegetabularianHMSEC06 2.75
Vegetabularian Vegetarian scotch egg with chickpeas, vegetarian cheeses and sun-dried tomatoes.