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New hot lunch menu at Dairy Deli

Enjoy homemade hot lunches, a cup of Bristot Ground Coffee or tea from our Tea Pig range. Not to be missed at The Dairy Deli

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Quick & Tasty Meals

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Had a long day at work and want something quick that isn't out of a tin? These ingredients will create a range of meals, depending on your level of hunger!

 Isle of Wight Cheese Co's blue cheese

Isle of Wight Cheese Co's blue cheese

200g approx

Award-winning naturally rinded Isle of Wight Blue Cheese from the Isle of Wight Cheese Company. A tangy, but mellow blue cheese made from Guernsey cows grazing in the Arreton Valley. We despatch this award winning cheese to the mainland, plea...

eachIWC1001 4.99

Pork chops

6.75 per kg

Pack of 2 pork chops. Sear in a pan with a dash of Godshill Cider, a chopped apple, some sage and finish with a spoonful of Coppid Hall cream.Also popular with our junior taste team, if you don't mind a sticky finger situation! The pork comes m...

x 2POR1001 3.00

Steak - rib eye

23.55 per kg

Our favourite steak cut! These steaks will be marbled with quality fat, so they're tender, tasty and moist. Just sear in a hot pan for 2-5 minutes per side, depending how rare you like it. From Newbarn Farm, Shorwell. These are classic beef br...

6oz/170g approxBEE1003b 4.30
8oz/227g approxBEE1003 5.75

Brownrigg Poultry duck breasts

15 per kg

Pack of 2small or 1 large fresh duck breasts from Brownrigg Poultry in Godshill. Prick the skin, rub with garlic and pan fry. Vac packed & suitable for freezing.

eachBRO1007 4.80

Chicken & Leek pie

made by Calbourne Classics

Traditional chicken and leek pie with a nice pastry crust and lid. Generous filling. Ready to eat and can be eaten hot or cold. Made by Calbourne Classics using IW Chicken from Brownrigg Poultry

6 inchHAM1002b 6.49
10 inchCAL1002c 11.49