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Fish and Seafood

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Cod fillet (fresh frozen)

12.95 kg

Freshly frozen cod fillets, ideal for a tasty fish supper. With no cutting, skinning or boning to do they are easy too. (We can't guarantee it's boneless but the fishmonger has done his best!)

1 fillet (1 portion) approxFISH1009 2.80

Coley Fillets (fresh frozen)

9.85 per kg

Coley is a great tasting, white fish, a lot like cod but much better value, and sustainable too as it's numbers are not threatened. Pan fry with herbs and butter, add indian spices for an exotic curry or add to a fish pie.

1 fillet (1 portion) price approxFISH1007 1.60

Fish pie mix

13.95 per kg

A lovely mix of Scottish salmon, locally-smoked haddock and coley or cod make this a perfect base for a fish pie or fish cakes. Usually supplied frozen.

500g approxPHIL1205 6.25
1kg approxPHIL1203b 11.50

Fresh salmon

13.95/kg whole, 16.50/kg fillets

Fresh Scottish farmed salmon from Phillips Fine Foods. We don't produce salmon on the Island, but its such a useful fish that we thought we'd include it. The size of the whole side fillets will vary around 1kg-1.8kg. 400g serves 2 people. Wh...

200g fillet approxPHIL1201c 3.30
400g fillet approxPHIL1201b 6.60
whole filletPHIL1201 25.00
whole 3-4kg fishPHIL1200 36.00
whole 4-5kg fishPHIL1200b 48.00

Kippers (frozen)

5.95 per kg

A pair of kippers - cold smoked herring. Kippers make a nice change for breakfast, or lunch. They are an oily fish and full of Omega 3 too, so very good for you. Grill and top with a little butter and grind of black pepper.

pair of kippers, approxBLA1007 3.00