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The Dairy Deli, Farm Shop and Cafe

The Dairy Deli farm Shop is now located back at Three Gates Farm.

Opening Times:

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4pm

Weekends and Bank Holiday 10 - 4pm

Hot drinks and delicious snacks available plus a full range of Calbourne Classics Products

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All of our game is prepared and ready for cooking. You don't need to worry about plucking!

Mallard brace

Brace (a duck and a drake) of wild mallard ducks, plucked and drawn and ready for cooking. If the weather isn't right for shooting duck (it needs to be cold) the brace will be supplied frozen. Also supplied frozen out of season. Prepared by Hami...

braceHAM1025 7.95

Partridge brace

Game from the woodland around Sheepwash Farm in Godshill. Partridge is a tender and flavoursome bird. Ideal roasted with garlic and bacon (see our Lovely Food Ideas), pot roasted or casseroled. A brace is two birds, ready for the oven. Frozen no...

Brace price per KGBRO1009 6.95

Pheasant brace

Two prepared pheasants ready for you to roast, or even better to pot roast or braise with wine or madeira. Now out of season, so frozen pheasant available. Prepared by Brownrigg Poultry in Godshill.

Brace price per KGBRO1011 6.95

Pheasant breast

13.00 per kg

All the hard work is done! Two Island pheasant breasts ready to be wrapped in bacon and casseroled, or sauteed with caramelised onions or apples and cider for a delightfully different and very seasonal dinner. Average price shown.

2 breastsBRO1111 3.00



Fresh local Island rabbit, ready for the pot. Rabbit meat is very lean and tastes a bit like chicken - its not 'gamey'. As rabbit is lean, its best cooked long and slow in a casserole - try rabbit with tomatoes and garlic, cream and mustard or f...

wholeHAM1020 3.00
jointedHAM1021 4.00