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New hot lunch menu at Dairy Deli

Enjoy homemade hot lunches, a cup of Bristot Ground Coffee or tea from our Tea Pig range. Not to be missed at The Dairy Deli

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Christmas Poultry Christmas Poultry Freshly prepared free-range local turkey, goose, duck and capon. Available for delivery from 1st week December. Don't forget to check the main non-Christmas categories for all the other necessities - these are all available for delivery in Christmas week too!

Brownrigg Poultry chicken thighs

6 per kg

Pack of 4 free range chicken thighs from Brownrigg Poultry in Godshill. Skin-on. Simply roast or they make a great coq au vin.

pack of 4BRO1005 4.25

Brownrigg Poultry duck

Fresh duck from Brownrigg Poultry in Godshill. These are good sized birds and very tasty. The ducks vary in size.

halfBRO1006b 6.75
wholeBRO1006 13.00

Brownrigg Poultry duck breasts

15 per kg

Pack of 2small or 1 large fresh duck breasts from Brownrigg Poultry in Godshill. Prick the skin, rub with garlic and pan fry. Vac packed & suitable for freezing.

eachBRO1007 4.80

Brownrigg Poultry duck legs

7 per kg

Pack of 2 fresh duck legs from Brownrigg Poultry in Godshill. 7 per kg. Vac packed.

pack of 2BRO1008 3.95

English barn-reared chicken

A cheaper alternative to free-range chicken, these hens are quality barn-reared fowl from English farms. Suitable for home freezing. All prices are approximate as all the poultry is sold by weight. Per kilo prices: fillet 8.75/kg, thighs 3.50...

drumstick, eachHAM4005 0.45
thigh, eachHAM4003 0.75
leg, eachHAM4001 1.00
diced 250g approxHAM4006 2.15
skinless fillet 250gHAM4004 2.20
whole chicken - smallHAM4000 4.95
whole chicken - largeHAM4000b 7.50