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Hamilton's Fine Foods family sausages

A range of family-favourite sausages made to traditional recipes by Hamiltons in Newport. All sold in packs of 8, except the chipolatas which are in pack of approx 12. These are sometimes supplied frozen

pork & beefHAM5020 1.18
pork chiplatasHAM5022 1.20
LincolnshireHAM5024 1.92
farmhouse porkHAM5021 2.03
CumberlandHAM5023 2.05
pork mini cocktailHAM5010 2.26

Hamilton's Fine Foods gourmet sausages

Hamilton's hand made gourmet sausages, perfect with mash or in a casserole. Sold in packs of 6. Give them a go! Sometimes supplied frozen

pork & cider appleHAM5000 2.97
welsh pork & leekHAM5001 2.97
pork & chiveHAM5002 2.97
pork & garlicHAM5004 2.97
venisonHAM5005 2.97
minty lambHAM5006 2.97
pork & chilli pepperHAM5007 2.97
old English porkHAM5008 2.97
pork gluten freeHAM5009 2.97