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The Dairy Deli, Farm Shop and Cafe

The Dairy Deli farm Shop is now located back at Three Gates Farm.

Opening Times:

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4pm

Weekends and Bank Holiday 10 - 4pm

Hot drinks and delicious snacks available plus a full range of Calbourne Classics Products

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Diced casserole lamb

11.25 per kg

Diced lamb perfect for casseroles, stews and curries. Not too fatty! This meat comes from the shoulder and leg. From Masham-cross sheep raised at Newbarn Farm, Shorwell.

500g approxLAM1012 5.65
1kg approxLAM1012b 11.25
2kg approxLAM1012c 22.50

Lamb chops - Barnsley 'doubles'

13.25 per kg

A pair of double or Barnsley chops. These are perfect if you find one lamb chop just a bit too small... and who doesn't? From Masham-cross sheep raised at Newbarn Farm, Shorwell.

x 2LAM1017 5.50

Lamb chops - cutlets

13.25 per kg

Pack of 2 juicy lamb cutlets from Newbarn Farm lamb. The sheep graze on the west Wight downs above Shorewell and Chillerton. When Island lamb isn't available we source English lamb. We like them pink in the middle, seared in a hot pan or under t...

x 2LAM1013 3.95

Lamb chops - loin (classic chops)

13.25 per kg

Lamb loin chops. Simply grill or pan fry until pink in the middle. From Newbarn Farm, Shorwell - the Masham sheep graze on the west Wight downs. All our meat is cut for your order, not pre-packed, and is suitable for home freezing.

x 2LAM1008 3.95

Lamb chops - neck

6 per kg

Lamb half neck chops or 'scrag end' is the perfect addition to hot pots and slow-cooked casseroles. The large bone gives a huge amount of flavour. As the bone is quite large, you will need to add some lamb casserole steak or your guests will be ...

x 2LAM1018 1.75