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Smart Starters

These are some tempting ingredients to make into simple, but stylish starters.

Kiln roast salmon from Phillips Fine Foods

29.95 per kg

Two fillets (approx 80g each) of hot smoked salmon. These are a wonderful luxury, with a rich taste and texture that goes well with many meals. Try as a starter with a chilli amd tomato salsa - simple and very tasty! This goes well with a dab o...

2 filletsPHIL1008 5.25

Smoked trout fillets from Phillips Fine Foods

22.95 per kg

Two hot smoked trout fillets, smoked traditionally with oak chips by Phillips Fine Foods in Cowes. These are lovely with a salad with warm potatoes. These are presented vac packed, and may be supplied frozen.

2 filletsPHIL1007 4.95