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New hot lunch menu at Dairy Deli

Enjoy homemade hot lunches, a cup of Bristot Ground Coffee or tea from our Tea Pig range. Not to be missed at The Dairy Deli

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The Garlic Farm gourmet chutneys

227g The Garlic Farm gourmet chutneys

Fantastic chutneys to suit all tastes and meal combinations. All with just enough garlic to cut through the fruit. Try apricot & ginger with cheddar or Isle of Wight soft cheese, or the fig & apple with blue cheese. Cheeky Monkey goes well with curries and Asian dishes and Pic a l'Aili is an Island -twist on the Yorkshire favourite. All made by The Garlic Farm in Newchurch

Fig & appleGAR1011 3.95
Apricot & gingerGAR1010 3.95
Peach & mangoGAR1012 3.95
Rhubarb & pearGAR1014 3.95
Cheeky MonkeyGAR1013 4.50
Pic a l'AiliGAR1015 4.50

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